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To apply your decal:

Your decal has 3 layers; a white (or light blue) paper backing, the vinyl decal, and the clear transfer tape. Make sure the area where you wish to apply the decal is clean and dry.

1) Carefully peel the clear transfer tape away from the white (or light blue) paper backing. The decal should still be stuck to the clear transfer tape. If the decal sticks to the paper backing, lay the transfer tape back on the paper backing and use a flat hard object to rub over the entire decal with a good amount of pressure. This will help the decal stick back to the transfer tape. Also, make sure that any of the paper backing didn't peel up with the decal. If so, gently peel it off.

2) Grasp the decal by each end and carefully lower it, sticky side down, onto the clean surface. While holding it down, run a flat, hard object, (like a credit card), along the decal; pressing it down as you go. This will help eliminate air bubbles and to make it adhere better.  Please be careful, for once you place the decal it will not come off in one piece.

3) Wait about a minute for the decal to fully adhere, then carefully peel off the clear transfer tape. Enjoy!

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